Learn to knit…and help a charity too!


I’ve just been reviewed my list of experiences and, as I mentioned the other day, I’ll be ticking off a few things from around May. Between now and then, I still have a few plans but nothing significant. But I’ve had a brainwave! If I’m going to be growing my nails to use the really generous gift of a manicure in May, then let’s keep my fingers busy with knitting! I’ve had it on my list for a while to learn to knit and I then changed it to ‘knit something for charity’ as it’s good to have something to aim for and if a charity can benefit at the same time, then cool. Well, I’ve found a list of charities who are looking for people to knit things, from basic squares (I say ‘basic’ even though I’ve no idea how to knit!) to following the charities’ patterns. Knitting for charities

So, over the next few days, I’ll look up to see what the charities are looking for, decide what I need and then pop along to Hobbycraft. Key is to choose something extremely basic for my first time as I can always move onto some more challenging things if all goes well. And perhaps I can ask someone very close to me in the family to see if she’d like to help. I’ll ask her tomorrow!

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