Last night, I was starstruck! I met Brian Blessed!


OMG, I’ve Brian Blessed! Brian is one of the few people on TV who all 4 of us here will be keen to watch if we know he’s going to appear on any programme. This larger-than-life character has a CV that beats any other. He’s climbed Everest 3 times, he’s reached the North Pole, he’s a fully trained cosmonaut, he had explored remote regions of the world, he was an amateur boxer, he undertakes work to rescue animals and return them to their original habit, he’s appeared in iconic films and TV programmes such as Z-Cars, Flash Gordon (GORDON’S ALIVE!!!!!!!), Boss Nass in Star Wars, etc., etc….and a bit more etc! And he omits this warmth that makes you want to be his best friend!

Just a week ago, I found out that he was on his tour and was coming to the Hawth Theatre in Crawley and I was lucky to get some of the few remaining tickets. As he walked on stage, the packed auditorium roared with excitement! And he spent the next 2 hours telling everyone about his life interspersed with the rudest of stories which were eye-watering hilarious! Anyone who arrived slightly late couldn’t come into the auditorium unnoticed as Brian made sure that they were jokingly ridiculed! It’s incredible that at the age of 81, he sustained such a long show and made everyone feel as if they had come to his living room for a night in!

I said to one of my children that I’d love to meet him and we should keep an eye out in case he was in the foyer afterwards. Well, we came down the stairs to find a very long queue forming…..all to meet Brian and we just had to join! We bought his book and were given a yellow post-it note so that we could write what we’d like him to scribe in the book. Being Blackadder fans, there was only one quote from his role as King Richard IV:

“Chiswick, fresh horses! We ride at once to rebellious Stoke, where it is my sworn intent to approach the city walls, bare my broad buttocks, and shout, “Behold! I honor thee most highly!”

brian 3

It took an hour to get to the front of the queue as he generously gave everyone lots of time for photos and, oh my word,  what an amazing, warm-hearted man! He was the kindest of people who loves meeting the public and in fact all the money from his tour is going to charities that support his love of animals. Truly an epic evening where my dream came true! Do you have someone you’d like to meet? Who’d be at the top of your list?

And reviewing the theatre on TripAdvisor was my 99 review on there……where am I going to go for my 100th review?!

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