When Thailand came to Surrey!

Just back in having visited the stunning Kew Gardens in Richmond which has been hosting the Thailand-inspired orchid exhibition for the past few weeks. Well, what an absolute spectacle! The Prince of Wales Conservatory has different zones such as the tropical part and everywhere you turn, there are splashes of colour, Thai statues, festoon lanterns, streams, etc. For someone who’s starting to get into the whole photography thing, it’s a perfect place to get clicking! What I particularly liked was that there are lot of different paths to follow so you feel as if you’re off exploring, ducking under ginormous leaves that act as canopies over the paths. And whilst busy, it didn’t feel too crowded.

And then off to The Hive. This was featured recently on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on Channel 4 and it’s basically a massive replica of a hive so you feel as if you’re experiencing life as a bee. And there’s an undertone in the key of C which is apparently the key that bees communicate in. Who would have ever known that?! I tweeted about it whilst there and I’ve come home to an amazing surprise….George Clarke has already retweeted my tweet! Thank you, George!

I was keen to check out the Pagoda which is a walk right to the other side of the huge grounds but it was covered up in tarpaulin but I’ll just have to go another time to see it!

And, linking it to one of my challenges, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site so that’s 1 down and 4 to go. Next UNESCO site to visit? Probably Saltire in Yorkshire which is a Victorian model village.

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