A new addition to my list! Lunch on a private island


Guess what just came up on my Facebook feed?! Just off the coast of Portsmouth in southern England is a private island called No Man’s Fort and you can eat there! You get taken over by a boat from the mainland and have a 3 course meal……so this is DEFINITELY something I’d like to do. Already added to my bucket list!

I don’t know whether anyone gets this but creating a bucket list can feel as if you have to achieve everything NOW! As if we have to make sure that every weekend results in a tick off the list or at least I’m working towards ones. So, whilst I’d love to go to the fort this year, we may wait until next year. What’s on for this year? The list below may not seem like a lot but these fixed dates are on top of all the other things that I’m steadily working my way through like the voluntary work (aiming for 50 hours), visiting day trips to UK cities, etc…….oh, and also be mum, a wife and run my business!


  • going on a 3 day cruise to Belgium
  • half day experience with owls
  • my road trip to do things like sample whiskey in Scotland, explore Newcastle, tour the Peak District, walk through Alnwick Poison Gardens, visit Fountain Abbey ruins and go to Saltaire.



  • going to the Lordington lavender fields in West Sussex
  • afternoon tea at ‘Downtown Abbey’
  • go to the ‘Dino Snore’ adult sleepover at the Natural History Museum, London



  • eating at Dans le Noir, London where you eat in the dark http://london.danslenoir.com/en/home/
  • start a beginner’s course in a new language



  • going to see the Russian State Ballet


So, let’s see what the year ahead is going to bring!

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