Tickets booked for the ballet!

So unbelievably excited! I’ve just bought tickets to see the Russian State Ballet perform The Nutcracker this October. I’ve always loved dance although my childhood memories of ballet lessons were my nan combing my hair with a metal comb which seemed to find the slightest tangle in my very curly hair! But I had a book about ballet about a teenager and my favourite films/shows include A Chorus Line which has some fabulous routines.

I’m not a particularly cultured person to be honest (more than happy to sit in watching Big Brother wearing pjs and eating Chinese!) but I’ve seen the Royal Shakespeare Company a few times performing works such as MacBeth and Taming of the Shrew, and even went to the opera once in Belfast.

I was hoping to go over to Wells in Somerset this weekend to tick off another city but I don’t think the weather forecast is going to be fabulous but it won’t be long until hubby, friends and me are ticking a few things off the bucket list with some real highlights to look forward to this year!

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