A very good day at the office!


I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but, sometimes, you can have a job and you get an experience that makes you feel like you’ve made it. Years ago, I got to study at the Civil Service College for a management course. Nowadays, I think it’s in London but 20 years ago, it was somewhere like Berkshire in stunning grounds that had amazing digs. There was even a gothic-type house on the grounds and on my first day there whilst exploring, I stumbled across it and found a grand piano which I played all evening with no-one there at all. The walls had lit sconces and it was pretty much like a scene from The Adams Family. I’m a grade 8 pianist so that was probably one of the most fabulous places I’ve played!

Well, yesterday, I got to study at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London and I got to sit with about 40 psychiatrists about diagnosing ADHD. Now, I’m not a psychiatrist but I run a consultancy firm in diagnosing specific learning difficulties (www.smdyslexia.co.uk) so it was really relevant. However, it was just the buzz I got from being there and somewhere as a child that I would never have dreamt about having the opportunity to go! My plan was to be a secondary school music teacher! So last night, I was thinking, do I add it to my list of experiences? I don’t normally add things retrospectively but I think I can justify its inclusion. It was pretty special and it left me buzzing!

Anyway, I spoke to the farmer today about the half day experience with owls that my son will come on and that’s now booked in for June. And I’m off shortly to do my 5th session of volunteering which means getting beaten at Uno by a bunch of teenagers! I’m really excited about this year and once we get to May/June/July, I’ll really be ticking things off my list….. 🙂

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