Who loves TripAdvisor?!


Me! I absolutely love TripAdvisor! I don’t use it for hotel bookings, well, not so far but I use it to leave my own reviews, post photos, etc. and to motivate me to leave the house! Yes, I know that the ‘badges’ don’t really mean anything and it’s not as if the points accumulated from contributing to the website bring discounts or any recognition but, in a very shallow way, there is something just a little bit motivating when I get a new badge!

So, I’ve written 92 reviews so far, everything from National Trust properties to The Shard, London; from the Palace of Versailles in France to Dartmoor National Park in the south west of England. Most of the time, the reviews I write are very positive as I will have chosen somewhere that should be great to go to. But I did a left a 1/5 review for a luxury themed hotel in Germany which was in the style of a Portuguese monastery and we found that the beds my children were in cupboards! Yes, cupboards….I could have cried! Points from reviews might be deducted for ridiculously slow or poor service but generally I’d like to think that my positive reviews reflect the kind of positive person that I am!

My reviews cover 114 cities, 412  photos and over 20,000 points. So, if I go anywhere like for a meal out or something as part of my challenges, I’m soon on TripAdvisor when I get home. Or if I’m home one day and think that I fancy getting out, I’ll search an area to see what places are listed that I haven’t gone to and head that way. It might be a park, a beach or a famous landmark. Now, tell me if you think I might be taking advantage here but I plan to go on a UK road trip later this year (hopefully in May) and I need to stay in 2 more luxury hotels until I get my ‘luxury hotel’ badge (as you have to stay in 3 altogether) so my excuse to my hubby about my chosen accommodation might have TripAdvisor in mind!

And there’s nothing better when you get a ‘like’ for a photo taken or a review that others found helpful. Here are some of my photos on TripAdvisor that others liked (Bodiam Castle, Palace of Versailles and Canterbury):


So, yes, the badges don’t technically mean much……but secretly they do to me!


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