Tickets booked to have an owl swoop onto my arm!

owlThis year is already filling up with some amazing things to look forward to but I’m trying to make sure that they’re spaced out a little bit and plenty of other things are left for the remaining years of my 40s! My bucket list should be a steady marathon rather than a sprint!

Today, I’ve booked tickets for one of my children and me to spend half a day with owls at Sussex Falconry which will involve flying them, feeding them, etc. I think there’s something a little bit Harry Potter about it all but for some add reason, my son doesn’t think it’d be cool to dress up with Harry Potter-type gowns!! Once I get the tickets, we can sort out a date so I’m aiming for April when it warms up a little bit.

And friends in Texas reminded earlier that I should add a holiday out there to my list! I do like travelling although circumstances stop us from doing as much as we’d like to at the moment (which is rather gutting as we’d been invited to a family wedding in Singapore this weekend that we would have probably gone to). So, I’ve changed a couple of my challenges/experiences to reflect that I’d like to go to 25 new countries/US states. That might sound like an awful lot but I’ve got 4.5 years to do it with some multi-country trips planned. There’s a 12 night cruise with P&O that I fancy going to: Russia, Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany (and all but the last 2 would be new countries for me). Then, there’s the East European road trip I plan to go on to include Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Italy. And if you also add, Texas, that’s already 13 places to add.

And the final thing to share today? I’ve been thinking about creating a time capsule for a future generation to find! Yes, many get buried in the ground although there’s a chance that it won’t be found. But reading online last night, it turns out there are different ways of doing it, such as leaving a box intentionally in the attic for a future owner to find…perhaps with a note on it saying for when it would ideally be opened. So, what would I include in a time capsule? I guess a little bit about us but also the world more generally. I was thinking about collecting headlines, etc. in May as no doubt Brexit will still be headlining the news along with the royal wedding, the move to eradicate/minimise plastics, etc. So, it’ll take a bit of thinking and getting ideas from my family about what to put in there.

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