Another UK city explored….5 to go!

With heavy snow forecast, I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity of a sunny (if freezing) afternoon to venture out and tick off part of another challenge. With my plan to visit 10 UK visits, I’d already been to Bath, Salisbury, Exeter and Canterbury but I thought I should check out the city of my own county, Chichester. I’ve driven to Chichester countless times to visit families and schools as part of my work but I’d never gone into the city centre….until today. Any place with gothic looking buildings is my kinda place and in the middle of the shopping area is Chichester Cross, a meeting place and perfect shelter if it starts to rain. Now, there’s a rule that you can’t visit a city without going to it cathedral so I managed to take some photos of that too before continuing to Chichester harbour. The great thing about our county is that we have the rolling fields of the Sussex Downs and pretty fishing villages too. And the best way for me to relax is to show me a stretch of water. And I’d gone that far, I might as well as check out Chichester harbour and also West Wittering.

I’d never been to West Wittering before but I’d heard that it’s stunning and it didn’t disappoint! The beach huts, the view of ferries in the distant, the dogs running about the beach…..and with just an hour until sunset, I thought I might as well watch the sun disappear over the horizon. I’m so going back there on a warmer day.

And other cities to visit? Definitely Wells, Plymouth and Newcastle. Just the other two to decide!

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