The Shard, London. Pretty amazing!

Having survived an exceptionally busy week with work (and I mean busy with calls from Canada and Asia, hours of hours of intensive assessing, etc.), I thought I’d treat myself and do something from my list. Whilst I’d planned to go to The Shard at some point, it wasn’t until 6.30pm this evening that I thought I’d just do it tonight! And it’s great to have done something with my evening rather than spend it in pjs watching TV (although that’s fine most evenings).

First, it’s fantastically situated right next to London Bridge so it makes for a very easy journey at least for us. It is very expensive for a quick visit but it’s an experience you wouldn’t forget. I quickly escaped the official photo opportunity where you can have your photo taken in front of a green screen (and collect the photo when you come back down at some probable hideous cost). The first lift takes you up to the 33rd floor and then the second one up to the 68th floor. From there, it’s just a few flights of stairs up to the viewing deck where you obviously have the most stunning panoramic view. Part of me did question whether this might have been best saved for daylight hours but night time is spectacular….and there is something pretty romantic about it like out of Sleepless in Seattle! There was even a large heart of flowers that you could have had your photo taken in front of to celebrate Valentine’s Day a couple of days ago. And, if it wasn’t already amazing enough, they serve champagne up there too! Truly spectacular even on a dark February evening.


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