Success! I can play the ukulele….!!!

ukulele successWell, I can play ‘Something’ on the ukulele by the Beatles with thanks to guidance from YouTube. I think the key was having the ukulele next to me pretty much most of the time over the last few days so I kept picking it up to practise and voila! So, that’s another challenge ticked off!

Incredibly excited but I’m ticking off a huge challenge/experience in May….a cruise! My lovey friend and I are going to Bruges for the weekend on P&O Ventura and have decided that if you’re going to do a cruise, you might as well really go for it., so we’ve got a suite. With that comes a butler (so cool!!!!!), daily canapes, champagne and chocolates on arrival, big balcony and lots of other things. I started to look at dresses last night for the black tie dinner……and I found a gorgeous one 🙂 And if that short cruise goes well, the one to Scandinavia and Russia might be next.

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