I have it on good authority that ‘you’re more likely to get hurt by a coconut than being attacked by a shark’! That’s the quote of the evening from my second session volunteering at a youth club for teenagers with severe learning difficulties. And perhaps it’s true. I’m pretty sure that sharks aren’t usually found on the Sussex coast! But seriously, I’ve come home buzzing from being with a group of inspirational young people and staff who are just lovely. I got crushed playing Uno (my excuse is that I’ve never played before), we played a mash-up of Jenga-Uno (very confusing!) and made smoothies. And the best thing is that it gives me the sense of being part of a team. I adore my job but I work for myself and rarely see families more than once so there’s not the continuity of asking people how they’re doing, how their week was, etc. But I’ve a sense of belonging. Hopefully I’m making a bit of a difference there but they’re making a difference to me too

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