Road trip coming together!


It’s less than 4 months since venturing to France on my own where I managed to drive 1,600 miles in just 6 days……and I’m getting itchy feet again! So, with time booked off work in May and hubby working from home all set up to be with H&T, I’m off to explore the UK. I’m currently watching Channel 4’s Village of the Year and this is perfect for inspiration. Last week was about the south west and this helped me to firm up my plans for what I’ll do when in Devon and Cornwall in the first 36 hours of my road trip.

After the south west, I’m stopping off in Coventry as I’m SO excited to take a photo of Coventry Cathedral at dusk…completely inspired by the film Nativity although I will (probably) refrain from singing Sparkle and Shine! And then up to Newcastle taking photos of the Angel of the North and the city at night as well as going north to Alnwich Poison Garden. This takes me to the half way point of my road trip. So, where to next?

The Lake District and Peak District beckon before heading down to Hampstead Norreys. I might have just fallen in love with the village tonight after seeing it on the Village of the Year! And as well as the beautiful village itself, it has The Living Rainforest! What could get better than that! It even has a two-toed sloth called Cinnamon who apparently does everything upside down except go to the loo!

Between this trip and our journey to Norfolk last November, I’m hoping that will be all of the UK’s counties ticked off….well, except for the Isle of Wight but I might ‘pop’ over on the way down to Cornwall….as you do!

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