Can’t wait to venture up north!


I’m really excited that I’ve now got dates in May when I’m going to be travelling around the UK to tick off a few things off my list.

First……Alnwick Poison Garden in Northumberland. I mean, what is there not to like where the gates to the gardens have a huge sign saying ‘These plants can kill’! I’d asked for a gift voucher for Christmas which my Mum and Dad in law kindly got me so after taking a few photos of the Angel of the North and a night in Newcastle, I’ll head up to the gardens and just take it all in. I’d seen it featured on some antiques programme and thought ‘well, that’s different’!

I recently asked a group on Facebook about ideas for a bucketlist and someone mentioned Hardnott Pass which is a single track hill pass in the Lake District that has 30 degree declines and enough twists and turns to make it all just a little bit exciting. As far as I know, traffic going down hill tends to have priority so I’ll make sure that I’m heading down rather than going up which must be so tricky when you’ve faced with an oncoming car. I’ve Googled it to look at images and I’m just slightly alarmed that there are a few photos with police tape, red triangle warning signs that people have put up, an air ambulance overhead…..what on earth can go wrong!

I’ve the rest of the trip to plan but I hope to then snake my way down the country ticking all all the counties as I go…..although I’m not sure whether I’ll make it St. Michael’s Mount in Cornwall in this trip but you never know!

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