Doing the Hallowe’en thing at Hell-fire Caves, Buckinghamshire

And they say that daytime TV is bad for you! Yes, I often have the TV on when I’m at home and it’s literally in the background as I spend hours (and I mean hours and hours) writing reports for my job. I do worry sometimes when my husband and kids say goodbye to me in the morning as I sit on the sofa only for them to come back hours later and find me sitting in exactly in the same position. I do move! And I HAVE been working! But I find that having ‘noise’ around me helps me concentrate.

Anyway, in the last couple of weeks, there was some BBC1 programme to do with antiques and they did some filming from Hell-fire Caves in Buckinghamshire. Now, if you haven’t heard of the Hell-fire Club, it was a group set up in the 18th century for high profile people (especially those in politics) who wanted to participate in immoral acts. So, the caves were created for such meetings to be held away from prying eyes. And, when I saw it on TV, it seemed like an interesting place to venture over to as one of my 50 things to do before I turn 50 is to go in a cave. But I panic in closed-in spaces like lifts, small rooms, etc and so this would be a challenge that would be taking me way out of my comfort zone.

With it being Hallowe’en in just a few days’ time, I thought it would be packed but thankfully it was quiet. Hell-fire is a network of caves cut into the Buckinghamshire hillside and the sides of the cave were clammy. It was kinda disconcerting how there were ties on the cave roof to stop it from collapsing! I have to admit that I did scream a couple of times! Naturally, it was very dark in there and I didn’t notice that there was someone in front of me until he moved….. very embarrassing when I had to then apologise for screaming in his ear! And there were families there out of my eye-sight where the dads thought it’d be fun to scare their kids by making them jump and scream…..and me!

So, I’m really pleased I went. Being self-employed and super busy, I always have reports to be written and it’s the first time in about 4 years that I’ve nothing to do!

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