Day 6 in France: back in Calais but I had a blast!

The only thing left that I wanted to do was to go up to the Pink Granite Coast but, with it bucketing down with rain when I woke up, I thought I could just take my time to head back to Calais and start the journey home. Another deciding factor was that I didn’t fancy finding myself in the River Rance by the holiday home! Reversing each day out of the short driveway, tow path and about 3 feet of verge has been tight, even with my rear view camera so doing it in the dark early tomorrow morning wouldn’t have been much fun!

Before coming away, I had visions of learning to cook, watch Call the Midwife and starting my new Open University module…I didn’t do any of these! Thank goodness for microwaves and jacket potatoes!! And I never did find the tin opener for the soup I had brought with me and I only found the dinner plates last night….don’t ask!! I’ve a long way to go if I wish to become a domestic goddess. Hubby has said that we could order in an Indian takeaway tonight…..I’m hungry!

But, with French radio on, I found myself picking up the odd word here and there on the news. It’s funny how your ears start to tune into a language and you realise that you still remember some parts of your GCSE French, even if I scraped a grade C! It was a blessing to have British tv on in the evenings that helped to fill the silence in the house, even if it was Danny Dyer in EastEnders! I thought that Dermot O’Leary on the radio at Dover port on Saturday morning would be the last British voice I’d hear all week.  I strung together no more than about 4 French words, most notably ‘fromage et jambon’ in the cafe and ‘ce n’est pas ma maison’ to the lady who came to read the water meter at the holiday home before I left. We were both using our phones to try translate what we wanted to say which we found very funny! And we never found the meter!

Having never lived alone (I went straight from living at home with parents to the church for our wedding to the honeymoon and then to our house), I got on surprisingly well with me!! I think a holiday alone needs some patience and acceptance for who you are and I’m quite used to my own company working alone. But I will be so so glad to walk through the door to my hubby and kids this evening!

So, in pursuit of my 50 challenges, I next need to follow up on having ukulele lessons and find a project to do 50 hours of voluntary work. Whilst it’s great to have space, I miss being part of a team so time to make some changes with my work when I get home. Even if I stay self-employed, I need to do something non-work related where I’m getting out of the house every week.

Would I go on holiday on my own again? Yes…..but I’d much prefer to go away with others. Time to plan the 2018 Eastern Europe road trip with hubby and ‘Amsterdamage’ with Ellie ❤️❤️❤️

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