Day 4 in France: The Palace of Versailles

Something I wanted to do on holiday was to visit a French palace or castle. There’s a castle about an hour away from here (Josselin) which looks perfectly pleasant but if I’m going to do something cool, I need to push the boat out…..and drive. It wasn’t until I woke up after a solid 11 hours’ sleep that I just thought ‘Come on. Let’s just do it’. It took around 4 hours to get to Versailles and the last part of the journey wasn’t fun!! A confusing road system despite the sat nav, armed police outside the palace and just the mayhem. But I got there and I’m very glad that I did.

The palace is beautiful with every wall and ceiling adorned with art. I think it may be reasonably quiet as I didn’t get there until around 3pm but it was packed. There are audio guide so tell you about its history and you can see the gardens too. So, I’m really glad I went and it’s another thing ticked off my list.

With today being the midpoint of my holiday, it made sense to do the long drive but the next couple of days will be nearer to ‘home’. I still have some plans but they’re weather-dependent and tide-dependent. There are also lots of tourist things that run only to the end of September that would have been good. There is an attraction nearby which basically links to a deep seated fear of a particular animal and I’m so terrified of this animal that I can’t even write the name here. Yeah, a massive fear!! Would be incredible if I actually confronted this fear of this animal which isn’t something you’d normally see in England. Still deciding how brave I am!

Still haven’t mastered any notable cooking so I think I will be coming back 7lbs lighter which wouldn’t be surprise after all the walking!

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