Day 3 in France: shopping, a zoo and Mont St Michel 😍

Sometimes on a Sunday evening at home, I wish a large supermarket is open so that I can pop in to get some essentials but it turns out that shops in France just don’t open on Sundays or, if they do, they close by lunchtime. So I thought I was going to battle crowds at the hypermarket at 10.30 on a Monday morning but it turned out to be ever so quiet. However, within moments of qwalking in, I just knew that Mike would be very glad that we don’t have this hypermarket at home. It sells everything!!! I was actually very reserved and frivolous purchases extended only to a couple of stationery files as you can never have too stationery. But I might go back later this week. And meat…..well, they sell everything which is made very clear through the pictures of the happy animals just above where their dead counterparts lie….horse, rabbit, duck…. I bought some blue Gouda cheese (and I mean Chelsea Football Club blue) which I’ll take home with me and eggs that have come from some animal. Not sure which πŸ€”

Bourbansais Zoo

Next stop was a visit to Bourbansais Zoo……and I got to see a red panda which was my number one animal I wanted to see. Feeding popcorn to the goats was cool and I saw lions, lynxes, wallabies, meerkats, otters…….
Mont St Michel

Oh wow. Well, I got the photo so that’s part of another challenge met. The streets make you feel like you’re on the set of Harry Potter’s Dragon Alley and it’s just pure magic. Having got the free shuttle bus from the car park, I thought I’d upgrade to a horse drawn carriage on the way back. Met three American ladies who were really lovely and in fact invited me to dinner….bless!!!

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