Day 2 in France. Wobbly night but great afternoon :)

It turns out that a fridge-freezer has the capability to make you think you’re about to become the latest statistic for the local police force. Yesterday evening, I could hear a series of knocking sounds coming from behind me….at gone 10pm….at a glass door where people can walk up the terrace and see what I’m doing. I froze, fearful that this isolated house would be easy pickings for a robbery or such like. As Mike guessed when I phoned him (and starting thinking that this solo holiday malarkey was a bad plan), it was the fridge-freezer. Phew!! I have to say that as night fell, I found myself rattling around the house which sleeps 6 people and wondering whether I would have been booking a touring holiday…perhaps down to Andorra stopping off at various places. I’d booked a large house as I wanted to feel like I could breathe and not be in a tiny cottage….but I woke up feeling better.

First, I had clients who flew up from the south of France to see me so I can now say that I’ve gone international!!! Most people seeing this will know that I’m a special needs consultant ( but I’m now fully booked until February, hence my need to get away ringing phones and enquiries. The people today were amazingly charming and a joy to be with ❤
Valley of the Saints, Carnoet

And then I was off exploring. I travelled to one of my ’50 things’….the Valley of the Saints in Carnoet which is an art installation of 1,000 French saint statues which is being dubbed France’s Easter Island. There are roughly 300 so far and it was pretty good even though I was fighting the rain and the muddiest car park! One of the photos in particular shows the scale of the statues.

Saint Malo Grand Aquarium in, er, Saint Malo


But my favourite part of today? Saint Malo Grand Aquarium. Oh….wow!!!, I mean, sharks, sea turtles, jelly fish, piranhas, etc., etc., and the smiliest ray!!! But I’m declaring a last minute ’50 things to my list…..challenge my claustrophobia. I, Sarah, went in a submersible that may not have gone that deep but I was under the water for what felt like 15 minutes. It was a typical ride where you clamber on as the carousel continues to move but I then had to go down a narrow staircase to a dark round room where I was on my own, looking out at the seaside through the port window. As my family knows, I’m terrified of tunnels and, where possible, I hold my breathe until I’m under direct daylight. So today was a biggie.

‘Home’ now……X Factor tonight and I’ll set out on my adventures in the morning x

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