Day 1 in France and quite a day!

This is it! I’ve come on holiday on my own. I have to say that I had really mixed feelings last night – a combination of excitement about doing something really cool but then also thinking can I survive a week without family and friends. Consequently, I had 3 hours sleep….oops! The ferry from Dover to Calais was without doubt the rockiest I’ve ever experienced so I was very glad to set foot on solid ground. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve driven on the other side of the road but once you negotiate the first roundabout and first slip road onto the motorway, it’s a doddle! French roads are very quiet unless you’re in a city although the toll booth were (kinda) funny/a pain as being a right hand driver, I had to keep getting out of my car, race around it to the machine on the left hand side, collect a ticket/pay, acknowledge that I’ve probably delayed the driver behind me for a whole 20 seconds, get back in and then fumble over my seat belt!. But toll roads are worth it.

First stop was at the Commonwealth War Graves in Bayeux. I didn’t know what to expect except that it was one of my 50 things that I wanted to do before I turned 50. But nothing can prepare you for standing in midst of over 4,500 graves. Each grave, one person, one family torn apart. And what I found really choking to be honest was just seeing the ages. I’ve 17 and 19 year old children and there were many graves there of young people their ages. It’s quite a sight. And I’d encourage you to take a moment one weekend to find one wherever you are.

I then headed towards Brittany and got SO excited when I could see Mont St. Michel in the distance just reaching toward the sky. Nothing can prepare you for the rather Hogwarts appearance from a distance. I was keen to get to my house before dark so although I detoured a bit to get a closer look but I’ll be back there later this week. A free shuttle bus takes you from the car park to the mount.

And now I’m here. I’ll post photos of the house on my blog on my last day here but it’s just amazing! Incredible views and a stunning house! I’m actually working here tomorrow as I’ve clients flying up from the south of France but then I’ll see how the weather’s doing and will go. Oh, and I need to buy some food!! Happy weekend x


    1. It was amazing! Lots of friends said that they didn’t they could go abroad on their own but I have to say that it gave me the opportunity to be adventurous, be spontaneous and have a much needed break. I’ll be going on a UK road trip alone in 8 days’ time. I’d definitely encourage anyway one to give it a go s, if you, do, enjoy! 🙂

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