A new month. Let’s make it count!

After working pretty much solidly for 6 years, I’d decided to take off most of October….the benefits of being self-employed! And there’s no point just sitting around and slowly getting sucked up into a routine of waking up late, drifting from one TV programme into another and, before knowing it, finding that November is here! As well as my impending holiday to France that starts next Saturday, I’m about to embark on a second 1st degree with the OU so I’ve equipped myself with an assortment of new stationery, fancy highlighters, pristine folders, etc. to get myself into student mode.

I think it’s time to make more progress with my ’50 things to do before I turn 50′ list which I started exactly 2 months ago. In the next couple of weeks, I will have ticked off ‘going on holiday on my own’, ‘visit a Commonwealth War Grave’ and have reached all the TripAdvisor goals. But here is my current list:

Experiences completed so far: paid for a stranger’s meal, saw an original Banksy work, visited the Roman Baths and saw the Magna Carta 

Experiences in progress: try 50 new foods, watch the IMDB top 50 films as of 01.08.17, explore 10 UK cities, visit all of England’s 48 ceremonial counties  and, on TripAdvisor, reach 5,000 readers, share 500 photos, write 50 reviews and obtain 5 helpful votes

But here are the ones to still to tick off: go on holiday on my own,  visit a Commonwealth War Grave, cook a roast dinner, visit 3 Venices (Venice in Italy, Little Venice in London and Little Venice in Colmar, France), walk the London Marathon route, complete an IKEA hack, take a photo of Mont St. Michel/France and St. Michael’s Mount/Cornwall, eat at Dans le Noir, London, complete a beginner’s course to learn a new language, do 50 hours of voluntary work, knit a blanket for charity, spend time with a zoo keeper feeding the animals, operate a drone, donate blood, spend time with a blacksmith in a forge making an object, have a professional manicure, drive along Hardnott Pass in the Lake District, pull a pint behind a bar, do a snow angel, go to a drive-in movie, build a wall, have high tea at a special venue, watch a sporting event at the Olympic stadium in London, do my dream drive (through Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Croatia), go in a cave, go to a festival, go to a desert, drive along Route 66, visit the tar pits in Los Angeles, take a photo of the 9 3/4 Harry Potter platform sign at Kings Cross Station, London, serve food to the homeless, set foot on Africa, set foot on South America, sew a zip into a piece of clothing, go on a cruise, operate a pneumatic drill, learn to play something on a ukulele. 

You may have noticed that I don’t yet have 50 things on my list but I find that these things evolve. And I’d also love to get to 1 million hits on my blog. When I did my ’40 things to do before I turn 40′, I eventually got over 250,000 hits over a period of 2 years so I’m hoping that with 5 years to go and lots more blogging ahead that I might just get to hit that 1 million mark….perhaps!

So, once I’m back from France, it’s time to chase up on my email a couple of days ago about ukulele lessons that I will might do with one of my kids, make contact with an organisation about doing some voluntary work and perhaps explore another city. Oh, and if anyone is about to use a pneumatic drill, let me know!

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