Last minute ditch to try to cook!

With my solo holiday to France starting in 10 days’ time, I’ve no problem at all at the thought of driving on the other side of the road, trying to scrape by on my barely-grade C GCSE French, filling my week with lots of fabulous places to go, etc. But it’s really dawning on me that I…am…going…to…starve!!! As blogged before, I can’t cook so I’ve been throwing myself into some experimenting over the past couple of weeks. Tonight, ready-made puff pastry with pesto, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, Parma ham, choritzo and rocket……and no one has yet collapsed! Whoop! But my biggest discovery on the cooking front is ‘foil packet dinners’. Oh my word……cooking doesn’t get much easier than this and it takes literally about 3 minutes to prepare it! Piece of foil……and then throw on a whole chicken breast with anything else (e.g. mushrooms, potatoes, pasta sauce, green beans, feta, herbs, etc., etc.,) and stick it in 200C for 50 minutes.  Not even a saucepan on sight! I strongly doubt that I’d follow in the French culinary footsteps of Amy Adams in the film Julie & Julia but perhaps my holiday to France is making me finally step up to being an adult in the kitchen! My local Indian takeaway’s gonna miss my loyalty!

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