Just found out that I’ve achieved one half of a challenge! One of the things I’d like to do before I turn 50 is to have 5,000 people read my TripAdvisor reviews and also have 50 people say that my posts were helpful. And ta dah! I’ve reached 5,000 people!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring some UK cities like Canterbury, Bath and Dover, and I’ve a few photos that I’ve been pleased with. And it got me thinking ‘How can I share my photos with other people?!’ Not that they’re worthy of some award but just that they’re pretty decent….to me. Well, TripAdvisor means that I can review locations wherever I go and bearing in mind that I plan to travel quite a lot over the next few years, this is ideal. However, what I then discovered was that TripAdvisor contributors get ‘badges’, so you get the ‘new photographer’ badge when you share one photo, ‘beginner photographer’ for 3 photos, junior photographer for 5, photographer for 10, senior photographer for 20, etc. I’ve current got 43 photos on my profile so I’ll hit a milestone for my next badge when I get to 50. And yes, this might all sound rather fickle as, hey, it’s just a website telling me that I’ve ‘achieved’ a badge but it is a real incentive to get out there, explore, review and share it with others.

I’ve 20 badges in all including hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, senior contributor, etc. but I’ve now managed to have 5,000 people read my reviews including 411 for the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland (Game of Thrones filming location) and over 900 for the stunning village of Castle Combe in the Cotswolds. I only posted these and some others about 2 weeks ago! But now I need to aim to make each review count and be seen to be helpful.

Happy weekend people! x

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