24 days until my first solo holiday

Yikes! Yes, it has dawned on me this evening that I have just 24 days until I embark on my holiday to France! I booked it back in July having looked through my diary and just randomly picking dates that would be after the kids had gone back to sixth form, etc. and now it’s nearly here! In truth, there’s very little that I need to get ready. I already know some places that I fancy exploring and I’m going to learn to cook! You see, as mentioned in another post, I really can’t cook! I’ve no issue throwing something onto a tray and into the oven but to stand in the kitchen stirring sauces and coming up with concoctions that are meant to be at least edible is not my idea of a fun way to spend my time. So, I’ve concluded that I really am going to come back from my week’s holiday a chef or 7lbs lighter!

I mentioned a moment ago that I’ve kids. Yep, I’ve two aged 17 and 19, and a husband that I’ve been married to for over 21 years. So, I guess that it might seem strange thinking that I’m going away on my own. I do have a very happy family home life! But, for various reasons, it’s been a very tough 3 years on a couple of fronts, and my hubby suggested that I go and do something for me. It’s all self-indulgent and it’ll no doubt give me a lot of thinking time about life but what I hope is that I come back feeling rested. So, yes, a bit of a retreat really! The house I’m staying in is right on a river in Brittany and seems perfect. And I’ll be taking lots of photos as I go along.

And, in terms of my ’50 things to do before I turn 50′, this holiday will let me tick off a couple of things: 1) go on holiday on my own and 2) visit a Commonwealth war grave. But I’m going to make headway on some others like keep trying new foods and write reviews for TripAdvisor. If you’ve come across this post without seeing anything else on my blog, check out the ‘list of experiences’ pages where you’ll find things I’d like to do over the next few years.

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