Let’s knit a blanket…….?


We had a group of friends over last night for a truly fabulous evening. We meet up once a year so it’s often a case of finding out how everyone is, what they’ve been up to, etc., etc., and I mentioned about my new blog. But what was really exciting was that it ignited a conversation about what others might like to do and we did lots of of brainstorming. I can’t wait to hear about their progress!

I’ve come up with a new idea: knit a blanket for charity. Now, for many creative people out there, they might think that’s really straightforward and perhaps even a good way to put a relaxing hobby to put to good use. But I can’t knit! When I was around 10 year, my nan showed me how to knit and I think I managed one row. As well as a distinct lack of knitting ability, my other main challenge is patience! I’m someone who likes to knock something out very quickly to reach that ‘ta dah’ moment. Years ago, I signed up for a ‘make your own musical instrument’ course and the prospectus blurb mentioned that people had made violins, cellos, etc. Great! Being a grade 8 pianist and also having learnt to play other instruments (e.g. clarinet, church organs, violin, trumpet and trombone), I thought it’d be really cool. I mean, how complicated could it be? I had visions of it just taking a few lessons but I arrived at the first workshop to find a group of (mainly 60/70 year old male) students who’d been there for already over a year and not yet completing their instrument. I didn’t go back! I need instant gratification!

About a week ago, I bought the first edition of a knitting magazine that came with needles and two balls of wool. It’s one of these knitting magazines that comes in about 100 parts and you then realise you’ve spent well over £500 with few knitted accomplishments to show for it. But it was 99p and I thought I could take it with me on my holiday to France next month where I’m going to explore the area, learn to cook and finally get round to watching any of the Call the Midwife series. But, in true Sarah-style, let’s take it one step further! Lots of charities ask for knitted items, such as blankets, neo-natal baby bonnets, etc., and so I’m going to make something that can benefit someone else. I found the website http://www.knitforlife.co.uk and it gives links to charities asking for items. So, another challenge to add to my list. This will truly be an achievement!!!

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