Another weekend…..another city!

Having ventured to Exeter, Bath and Salisbury in the past 3 weeks, I decided to check out Canterbury in Kent today. With its cobbled streets, medieval buildings, great at shopping centre and probably the most vaping shops I’ve encountered so far, there’s something for everyone! Before going, I’d Googled some images and found ‘the image’ that I wanted to track down on my visit. I find this with all holidays and trips where there’s that sense of excitement when you see an online image and then actually see it for real!! For Canterbury, I could see that there was a canal with medieval buildings right alongside so I got a bit excited when I found it nestled between shops on the high street.

No shots of the cathedral as it was covered in scaffolding! With punting on the river, street artists, free museums and lots of other attractions, I can’t believe that it’s taken so long for me to discover Canterbury…..but I’ll be back. Beautiful city.


Where next? Once we’re in spring/summer 2018, I’ll venture up to Newcastle and York but my next day trip will be to Winchester, home to King Arthur’s table. That’ll leave 3 more cities to check out…still deciding!!

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