Saw the Magna Carta at Salisbury Cathedral

As my husband and teenagers would attest, my knowledge of all things historical is ridiculously bad! Apart from a few facts about the Industrial Revolution and explorers discovering spices from different parts of the world, my lack of knowledge gives us all a source of laughter! And that’s okay!

In compiling my list of ’50 things to do before I turn 50′, I’d come across the Magna Carta and its importance in English history. Apparently, it was signed in June 1215 by King John and the barons of Medieval England in an attempt to stop King John from abusing his power over the common people. It promised laws about having everyone having access to courts, even if they didn’t have the money. It also said that no-one should go to prison without going through the proper legal system……and many other issues that we now consider commonplace in our society. Four copies of the Magna Carta  survive from the original issue and they’re written in Latin on parchment paper.

Yesterday, I went to see the one housed in the Chapter House at Salisbury Cathedral. Wow! The cathedral is stunning and it boasts England’s tallest spire and also the world’s oldest working clock. Despite coachloads of visitors, there was plenty of space to amble and take in the incredible atmosphere.  Definitely worth a trip if you find yourself in Wiltshire.

Separate blog coming up shortly about the rest of what I got up to yesterday… was a very busy day indeed!!!!


    1. Hiya. Ah, it’s so interesting to see things in different countries and how they compare and contrast. I’m hoping to go to Finland in the next couple of years as part of a Scandinavia holiday. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

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