Trying new foods….

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You’d think by the age of 44 that I’d be a bit more grown up about trying new foods but I’m shockingly bad. I gag incredibly easily so even the thought of tasting something unfamiliar makes me stay well within my comfort zone. But this is where these 50 experiences/challenges come into play! Setting myself the challenge of trying new foods (including those not tried since childhood) should hopefully encourage me to push the boundaries a bit.

I blogged the other day about my first 3: calamari, king prawns and coconut juice…..and I’ve now another 6 to add to my list.

I tried broccoli a couple of days ago. Yes, I’m 44 and have never eaten broccoli until now! It was okay and I could eat it if I really had to.

On the way back from the Banksy trip today, I stopped off at a service station and had a sourdough bread panini (with brie and bacon) and it was really nice….that was a hit

And then tonight….I tried 4 new fruits: melon, mango, kiwi and pineapple. Out of them all, it was melon that was actually quite nice but it did help that I tried them all with a slice of chocolate cheesecake!

Next stop will be going to seafood, Chinese and Indian restaurants to try lots of exciting things from the buffet.

So, to recap:

Food/drinks tried so far: 9 (calamari, king prawns, coconut juice, broccoli, melon, mango, pineapple, kiwi, sourdough bread)

Food/drinks tried that I’d eat/drink again: 3 (broccoli, melon, sourdough bread)

Food/drinks left to try: 41

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