Found a Banksy work!

Very cool afternoon! I’ve always been fascinated about Banksy and assumed that his works would be mainly in Bristol and London. With plans to head down to Bath at some point, I was going to work in a quick diversion to Bristol but I came across one much nearer to home: Dover, Kent! I say nearer to home but it was still quite a distance but really doable.

So, the photos above show one of his most recent works, referencing the outcome of the EU referendum. I love it when I go looking for something and then, bam, I see THE thing right in front of me! Driving towards the port, I could see a blue square with some smaller objects in the distance and I might have just let out a slight yelp in excitement! There were other people taking photos too. So, if you’re heading down to the Dover this summer, look out for this art work as you’ll go right past it if coming from the M20.

Check out the ‘list of experiences’ page to see what I’ve done so far and what I might do next.

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