Calamari is officially vile!

I had some ridiculous idea that trying 50 new foods will be a good idea. I mean, I’m probably about the fussiest eater out there much to the exasperation of my amazingly patient husband who does all the cooking here (21 year wedding anniversary tomorrow btw). Last night, I popped into M&S on my way home as it can be pretty much guaranteed to offer foods that you need a label to work out what they are. A coconut (with obviously coconut juice inside), calamari and tandoori style king prawns. Out of 3 things, you’d think that one would be at least passable……but goodness, no!

The coconut was intriguing. It’s a coconut with a stopper and a straw! End of. All I could think of whilst tasting it was that it reminded me of watered down medicine probably from my childhood. And not a the yummy strawberry one that I liked! The prawns and calamari were no better. It was like chewing elastic and rubber…..actually, a bit like when you’re a child at school chewing on the rubber at the top of the pencil and then realise that you’ve bits of rubber that have broken off!

Foods/drinks tried to far: 3 (coconut juice, calamari and king prawns)

Food/drinks tried that I’d eat/drink again: 0

Food/drinks left to try: 47


  1. I’ll confess right now that I’ve never eaten calamari but I understand from other brave people that when cooked well it shouldn’t taste rubbery and I’m pretty sure the king prawns shouldn’t either. I reckon one of your 50 things should be to eat at a good seafood restaurant and try it there. If you still don’t like it then fair enough. Go on, I dare you – if you do it then I will too! 😉😘


    1. Hey, that’s a great idea! Well, I say great as I’ve never been to a seafood restaurant and I can try lots of other food too…..but the thought of giving the calamari a second chance fills me with dread! But I will do it. Yes, food can taste very different when cooked so perhaps I should hold judgment for now. Have a great day x


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