What would be on your bucket list?

As I found out with my ’40 things to do before I turn 40′ list, it’s amazing how you can just make the special happen. Sometimes, things don’t cost a penny but it’s a matter of either gritting your teeth to do get over a fear or it’s about knowing people who can make things happen (such as when I drove a tractor). Sometimes, there is a cost. But, at the end of the day, it’s about having fun and creating happy memories.

On the ‘list of experiences’ page, you’ll see some of the things I did in my 30s and the things that are on my current list but I’m feeling inspired this afternoon and wondered if I could find something to add. Found it!

Drusillas Park is in East Sussex so not that far from me and you can pay to help out the zoo keepers. Thank goodness there’s no age limit and you can also do things during the the school term which means less of an audience! Meerket Meeting and Feeding the Penguins sound great……and definitely Picnic with the Pandas! Here’s some info: https://www.drusillas.co.uk/close-encounters

Time to make a phone call!


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