I need to get acquainted with the UK!


Growing up, my family was lucky to travel as my dad worked for an airline so we went to the US several times, Canada, Hong Kong, Cyprus, etc. With my own family, we have favoured holidays on mainland Europe to places like Germany and Austria….although, to be honest, this is really my doing. I guess having travelled abroad, I didn’t feel that you could possibly have a holiday in the UK and, as a result, I really don’t know the UK….but I should!

I’ve just come back from a quick trip to Exeter for my work but rather than spend time in the hotel, I took time to explore the city as well as the surrounding area like Dartmoor and Cheddar Gorge (which isn’t too far away).  And it was pretty good! There was lots to see and it just gave me the sense of having some much needed time away. So that got me thinking!

I think it’d be cool to get to know 10 cities….stay over, explore the sights, etc. So, Exeter? Tick! Other cities that appeal include: Bath, Canterbury, Chichester, Cambridge, Oxford,  York, Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Plymouth and Chester.

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