My singles holiday


My mum did point out that I could go somewhere in the UK but I’m off on holiday in October and anywhere in France has to be warmer than the U.K.! I have driven quite a bit in mainland Europe such as going to Austria twice, Holland, France and Germany. When coming off the ramps at Calais, it’s always the initial merging onto a motorway to navigate, the anti-clockwise movement at the first roundabout to understand, and then the rest is straightforward. French roads do tend to be pretty good and it’s about a 4 hour drive to the house where I’ll be staying.

It’s a 3 bedroom house sitting right on the banks of a river and just a short walk to the nearest shops. I have romantic views of walking to the shop each day, selecting the the best ingredients I can find and spend lots of time in the kitchen seeing what masterpiece I can come up with. But I have to admit something. I cannot cook! I’ve never cooked a roast. I don’t know how to fully operate the nearly-one-year-old oven we have at home. Mike, basically, cooks everyday. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens in France as there’ll be no popping down to the M&S garage looking for a cannelloni dish to shove in the microwave. I’m going to either come back an accomplished cook who can cater for basic nutritional needs or I’ll be hitting the nearest service station when I arrive back in Dover, 7lbs lighter!

I’ll have 5 whole days there to fill and it’s important that I have some firm plans. Saint Malo and Dinan are beautiful towns with medieval buildings, cobbled roads, etc. If it’s half decent weather, I should get some nice photos. There’s also a huge aquarium and zoo within easy reach…. and the Bayeux Coomonwealth War Graves to go to. In the last couple of days in the U.K. Media, there was a lot of footage about Passendale and I had a feeling that I, too, should visit a cemetery in recognition of those brave people before us.

And when I’m not out and about, I’m going to watch the entire box set of Call the Midwife! I’ve never seen a single episode so I shall see what all the fuss is about……

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