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….. and so the journey begins

And it feels like I’m back in the comfort zone of writing a blog! But, first, hello! Thank you to whoever you are for taking a moment to glance at what I’m sharing with you. Somehow you’ve stumbled across my blog and I hope it’s one which will inspire you, intrigue you or, frankly, just make you wonder what kind of person I am in the real world!

So, who am I? Well, my name is Sarah and I’m going to be 50 in November 2022. I’m a busy professional (although you’ll get to learn more about that in another post), happily married to Mike and I’m mum to two amazing kids. When I was in my 30s, I kept a blog leading up to my 40th birthday which amassed over 250,000 hits from people all over the world. It chronicled the 40 things I did before I turned……new challenges, experiences, etc., such as get my tummy button pierced, drive a lorry, eat lunch in a prison, host a radio show, go in a police cell, drive a tractor (see photo!), see a volcano, etc. The thing I learnt about blogging is that it can keep you looking forward and ‘unstick’ you from where you might be at the moment.

So, here I am again slowly gathering new ideas. Over the course of the next few years, you’ll read about my plans, my experiences and the journey I’ll be on, both on a physical and emotional level.

Drum roll….here are first few ideas:

– go on holiday on my own

– do 50 hours of volunteering

– visit Venice (Italy), Little Venice (London) and Little Venice (Colmar, France)

– watch the current top 250 movies on IMDB

– visit a Commonwealth War Grave

– go on a hot air baloon

– go in a cave (I’m severely agoraphobic and really panic when ‘just’ driving through a tunnel­čśľ)

– go to a festival

– set foot on Africa

– set foot on South America


So, my single holiday is happening in October and I’m very excited!! I’m renting a stunning riverside house in Dinan, France for 7 days. It’s beautiful and I’ll be posting lots of photos of my holiday, my trip to Saint Malo, my visit to the Bayeux Commonwealth War Graves, my attempts to navigate the French roads and language. My grade C at GCSE French in 1989 is really not going to cut it!




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